Friday, June 13, 2014

23 Mobile Things 2014 #21 Free For All

I recently downloaded a Free for the Day app called Stellarium Mobile Sky App. It is a sophisticated astonomy app. I'm not much of a star gazer, but it makes me want to learn. It uses GPS to diagram the night sky for your time and location. There are cool overlays, such as constellation drawings and pictures. You can search for a star or planet by typing the name. It compares different cultures', such as Aztec or Navajo, views of the heavens. One drawback for the Kindle is that it requires wifi, so if you are out in the wilderness, away from city lights where stars can be best seen, there is probably not a wifi signal. It would probably work on a smartphone. I will have to practice more, because when I tried it in my front yard, I couldn't see many stars as it wasn't quite dark and a little cloudy.

Another app I want to try is Facetune. [ ] Last time I checked it was only available for Apple and costs $4-8 (therefore I can't load it onto the library's iPad). It claims to easily touchup portraits but making the Photoshop features for face correction, such as airbrush, easy to use. (It says it can even add hair to bald people.)

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