Monday, June 2, 2014

23 Mobile Things 2014 #14 Video

Magisto is a fun app for creating short videos of video clips or jpg pictures. I created a video of pictures, taken on the iPad, of our library used book sale. It added "motion" with interesting picture fade effects and music. I tried to take a video of our guinea pigs on the Kindle Fire, but with a front facing camera it was hard to aim. Luckily Magisto "edited" it by eliminating much of the dead air footage. One "style" was black and white (blah) so a chose another style that was more colorful and interesting.

I tried to get Socialcam for the Kindle Fire, but the Amazon app store offered "Keek" which did not work ("failed to connect to camera.")

Again, I like the control of using a real video camera and video editing software.

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