Tuesday, June 3, 2014

23 Mobile Things 2014 #18 Education

Duolingo is a fun app that uses short games or mini-tests to teach a language. Variety keeps it from becoming boring. I used it to brush up on my German. You can even speak sentences using the Kindle's microphone (found on the "keyboard"). I can see why this app has won many awards. (note to self: schn23 p2 ymail)

iTranslate also allows you to type or speak a phrase with the keypad microphone, and then translate it to another language, both textually and audio! The accents seem authentic (not robotic). I will try to use this when having trouble communicating with a patron who doesn't speak English.

I've tried Khan Academy on desktop computer in the past. I wasn't able to access it on the Kindle Fire.

I looked at math game apps. There are a lot, and there are a lot of "best math apps" lists, so it is hard to choose. (app star ratings are helpful). Parents.com has a list that looks promising. DragonBox 12+ seems to be a top app, but it was $9.99 and who knows if my jr. high algebra student will use it? HCL is developing lists of apps for Early Literacy.

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