Friday, June 6, 2014

23 Mobile Things #19 Hobbies

This is my favorite Thing so far! I discovered Spotify
a few months ago and it became my favorite music site (farewell Pandora.)
I am #86 on the library waitlist for Katy Perry's new album "Prism,"
but I can stream the entire album for free any time I want on Spotify.
I wonder if it will stay viable, as it seems too good to be true, and I've
heard that some artists are disgruntled at the low royalties they receive
from Spotify. CDs still circulate at the library (but not as well as a few years ago),
and our library offers free music downloads on Freegal, however music streaming
seems to be the next step that will eventually make them obsolete (free instant
access to any music, or adless with paid subscription, and no files to download
and take up memory storage on your device.) I still like the independence and
permanence of owning music on CD, however.

I tried Wine Secretary for Kindle (similar to Vivino wine scanner) and the collector/librarian in me enjoyed creating a "catalog" database of favorite wines. (I had a notebook with wine bottle labels and ratings to input.) It was easy to search Wine Secretary's database of hundreds of thousands of wines and add to my list of "favorites." I can dictate comments via the microphone.

I've been considering a library Geocaching activity / program. There was not one for the Kindle, one wouldn't have access to Wifi in the "wild." iPad offers Travel Compass Lite Geocaching GPS Location Finder for free, and there were others, but I think an iPhone or Android smart phone would be ideal.

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