Thursday, July 17, 2008

Thing 4 flickr photo

Travel Library DSCF0641
Originally uploaded by Sharon N MN

I love the mapping feature in flickr!

Nuisance to have to create so many accounts for things (yahoo for flickr, google for blogspot). It took a few tries to figure out I had to enable google to accept flickr, but once I did it automatically linked to my 23 Things blog like magic! It worked so well that it appeared TWICE on my blog! ? (had to delete the duplicate).

Several years ago our IT techy recommended flickr for posting photos of a group trip so the participants could access them online. I only sourced the program; my patron utilized it. That seems the best use of flickr. I don't think I would use it for my private corporate library. Not for my private personal life either. I'm protective of my data!

For personal photos, I use Snapfish. I can allow family to view my albums there. It's not as public as flickr. You can make flickr private, but that's not really the purpose of flickr. Snapfish allows me to store, edit and print photos.

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