Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Thing 3 RSS

I created an aggregator in Google Reader and added 6 subscriptions. I put 23 Things on a Stick in there, plus my own blog and some friends' blogs. I was surprised to stumble upon an old colleague's podcast while browsing, so I added that too: grammar grater.

I like having these organized as I'm more likely to read them and keep up to date now that they are conveniently singled out in one locale.

For finding feeds, I think I'll more likely click the icon on sites I already use, vs. going out to look for additional sites.

Wish I'd had RSS feed training a year ago. I needed to subscribe to a news service for current travel updates and the provider told me we could put an RSS feed on our intranet. I didn't know much about it then. We didn't end up subscribing (too expensive) so I did not need to learn more about RSS at that point.

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