Thursday, January 23, 2014

23 Mobile Things 2014 #2 device tips

Thing #2 didn't have Kindle Fire tutorials, so I viewed the iPad instructions and tested it on our library iPad. They were iOS 7 new features but I need to get more familiar with the basic iPad features first.

The Amazon Kindle tutorials were pretty basic and I had already figured most of them out by playing. I found a good Kindle tips and tricks site: . Rachel Bruner presents the steps in an enthusiastic and easy to follow manner with lots of screen shots. A lot of efficient keyboard tips, like "Swipe Type" where you slide your finger from key to key instead of tapping. There were ways to open alternate keys without switching between keyboards. (ABC / 123). There are also tutorials on using non-Kindle apps, such as Google Play apps and Flash.

I could spend hours and hours learning all the features!

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